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Mustang Monthly Shoot
July 11, 2001

On July 11, 2001 Marlo's Frame & Alignment played host to a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Mustang Monthly Magazine. We turned the cameras on Jim Smart, Senior Editor. Here's a little behind-the-scenes preview of what you'll see on the newsstand.

Jim takes a quick look at Marlon's engine. Clearly, Marlon isn't used to criticism.

This is Jeff Fischbach's 1965 convertible. The car recently received a new suspension and polyurethane components all around. Today it's back for the shoot. The realignment is just for photographic purposes. No... really, it is.

As you can see, Jim spends a lot of time on his back working his way into tight spaces. Can't be easy for a guy in his -- what, mid 20's?
(OK, I covered my end of the deal, now do I get my engine & tranny rebuilt?)

Jim takes a well-deserved nap before proceeding.

This is Ted Poliskey's 1969 Mach I. It sports a 351 Windsor with a 3-speed manual transmission. More importantly, you're looking at one of the nicest paint jobs you'll ever see.




But I guess beauty really IS in the eye of the beholder, because Jim wasted no time diving underneath the chassis.

This is Mike Rankin's 1978 King Cobra. It will soon be receiving a full polyurethane front-end rebuild.







So Jim... how do YOU like being followed around with a camera?

By the look on his face, I assume Jim's reading someone else's article.

Marlon is demonstrating on Bill Avent's 2000 GT how to properly align a newer model Mustang... but, I don't think that's what Jim is really looking at...

Here's the real story: A Saleen supercharger with overdrive pulley.
And it gets better...

It says Saleen upstairs, but it's got Marlon's fingerprints underneath.

It looks like the time spent on the floor hasn't damaged their relationship.

Look forward to a complete article by Jim Smart in an upcoming issue of Mustang Monthly.

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